Welcome to my blog.


Writing is art. Opinions about art are subjective, so I’m learning that I need to write for myself. What do I love? What inspires me to create?

Today I’m in love with young adult literature. Their emotions are in your face. Everything that happens is huge and immediate and they feel it all. Teenagers are experiencing things for the first time so it’s always new, fresh.

Maybe I just enjoy not thinking about getting my oil changed, paying the bills or picking the kids up for a little while. When I escape into my characters, I can let those things go for the moment. My to-do list goes on hiatus.

Perhaps that time in my life left an indelible print on my psyche. I revisit that period in my life over and over and over again when I write for YA. The emotions are so rich, the relationships are so important, and the roller coaster of life is only beginning.

I live with teenagers, and they are an inspiring breed. Although my crew has much less drama than many teens, watching them go through each stage of adolescence allows me to experience it all over again. (Hopefully they’re making a lot less foolish mistakes than I did.)

Another source of inspiration for me is my fellow writers. They¬†can be a¬†cheering section, a nudge in the back as needed, or a consoling hug after yet another rejection letter. My crit group, The Fictionistas, are amazing. I can’t wait to officially thank them all in an acknowledgements page.

I’m excited to officially launch my WordPress blog. I want to share myself and my writing with all of you. Welcome!