About me


Shelly began life as Michele, but quickly established her voice in first grade by insisting that everyone call her Shelly. Older relatives and doctors still persist in using Michele, but most everyone else has caught on.

She soon discovered a passion for reading, writing and drawing. Which was good. Because she wasn’t any good at basketball or other sports-related things.

Shelly discovered along the way that she also had a passion for helping people. It only took her four years and three different jobs that paid less than $9.00/hour after college to figure out that she wanted to be an occupational therapist. Now she gets to help kids in the public schools as well as write for kids on the side. What a deal.

It wasn’t until she was a grownup with a husband, a mortgage and three kids that she remembered The Dream. She’d always loved to write. She wanted to be a published author. At last, she woke up and wrote.




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